What we are up to



Weak Women is now fresh out of the oven and we are sending out to festivals all over the world 🙂 Directed by the eminent My Sandström

DJURENS RÄTT – Förändra projektet

We are happy to announce that the 7 films and podcasts about animal rights and activism are done and released at förändra.org 🙂

The seven films can also be seen on youtube (unfortunately with Swedish subtitles only): 1. Aktivism, 2. Att påverka politiskt, 3. Att påverka och skapa opinion, 4. Massmedier och sociala medier, 5. Utåtriktat arbete och direkta möten, 6. Vardagsaktivism, 7. Hållbar aktivism

First day of shooting with the animal rights organisation Djurens Rätt. We are producing a 7 episode film and pod series on how to create impact and be an activist or an ally to the animal rights cause. www.djurensratt.se

SKÖRHETEN at Guldbaggegalan

Director Ahang Bashi at Guldbaggegalan praises her parents and the film-photographer Maria Åkesson for the production of Skörheten (Fragility).


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