Who we are

Sugar Rush Productions is a collective of artists specialising in different areas within film production. Our aim is to create content with feminist and norm critical perspectives, with a purpose to support development and raising awareness in different areas of the society. Filmmaker and producer Maria Åkesson started Sugar Rush Productions in 2013, which has become a network collaborating with a number of freelancers and professionals.

Maria Åkesson


Mónica Hernandez Rejon – producer, director

My Sandström – director, script-writer

Louisa Wallström – graphic designer, animator

Ida Lövestam – sound engineer, musician, composer

Tsomak Oga – sound engineer, musician, composer

Debhora Vega – cinematographer, editor

Sooz Romero – norm critical analysist

Malin Arnell – performance artist

Ahang Bashi – director, editor