Corporate Videos

Below are examples of films done for organisations and corporations to promote projects and share information.

Djurens Rätt – Förändra!

This is a trailer for the 7 episode film- and podcast series Förändra! aimed for teenagers and young adults about how to make a change in society. It is focusing on the animal rights movement but can be applied to other activist movements too.

The seven films can also be seen on youtube (unfortunately with Swedish subtitles only): 1. Aktivism, 2. Att påverka politiskt, 3. Att påverka och skapa opinion, 4. Massmedier och sociala medier, 5. Utåtriktat arbete och direkta möten, 6. Vardagsaktivism, 7. Hållbar aktivism

Terrafem – Kvinnor på flykt

These three videos are part of a series of 19 promotional videos for the campaign “Women Refugees” by the non-profit organisation Terrafem, with the aim to support women refugees coming to Sweden from the war in Syria during 2015-16.

Popkollo Promo

This is a promotional film for the organisation Popkollo, working for an equal music industry in Sweden by empowering young girls and trans people. Part of the footage is shot by the music leaders and participants during summer camps and activities.

Navigatorcentrum: En dörr in, flera vägar ut

Informative film commissioned by Gislaveds municipality about “Navigatorcentrum” and their project with unemployed youth.