Short Films

Below are a few examples of short films produced by Sugar Rush Productions or collaborations where we have been involved in some part of the production.

Svaga kvinnor / Weak women (trailer)

She is young, she just wants love and confirmation. She thinks she has to be cool to get it, play the game right and be a strong woman. One night she can’t handle it anymore, and after a one night stand she panics. Weak Women is a 14,5 min film directed by My Sandström and produced by Maria Åkesson at Viet Produktion AB.

The Art of Defining Me (trailer)

In a tick box society where identity has become a commodity, this 15 minutes dance film takes a humorous look at how artists are influenced by the expectations and definitions placed upon them. Who puts us in these boxes? Society, institutions, individuals or ourselves? Choreographers/dancers Seeta Patel and Kamala Devam join filmmaker Maria Åkesson to create a three-part film using dance, physical theatre and original script and sound design.